Howdy!! Welcome to my site! Also known as: HELL!!

My name is DUCKIE!! Or masterofdoom. Welcome to my site!!! Look around and stay a bit! And most importantly, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO CELEBRATE!!! I don't really celebrate christmas because im a muslim but!!!!! I love the aesthetic and wanted to decorate my site lol!!!!! ^_^

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mery kirsmas from imp


Hi!!! This is The Imp speaking!! Currently, Amias is typing for me.

(Just putting this out there, The Imp doesn't know how to spell very well. He HATES it when I tell people. So I'm typing this for him. Any time I use "I" other than in these brackets, I'm referring to The Imp)

I hope you like the website I made! I like pretty sparkles and rainbows and I like to draw so I made this site 'cause I like to express myself. If you want to know more about where I'm from and my friends, click [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]!!!!

tis is the imp tiping i maid tihs site buy miself an i hope yuo lik it bekus i do lik ity a lot thank yo buy buy evry on

Need a sitemap, traveller?

12/5/22- Redid my entire home page and im redoing my about too.

10/25/2022- Updated home page! It's all spooky now! And has a video embed at the top so I can share my music with you guys!!!

10/12/2022- Updated index page! See it here!

10/4/2022- Shrines page has been created! still a wip...

9/28/2022- ABOUT page has been updated!

8/7/2022- removed POLLS! didn't like em

8/3/2022- added POLLS! atp im not even working on my about i still gotta get the fonts x_x

8/2/2022- added PIC OF THE WEEK!

8/1/2022- added RAMBLINGS scrollbox!

7/23/2022- stayed up until 4 recreating the home page FROM SCRATCH (my back hurts and my teeth hurt from grinding them)

am i able to trademark imasmallimp by just saying i do? anyways email me at!!!!